Analysis of the current status of additional reality technologies

Yelizaveta Kortyak, Nataliia Bolohova, Anastasiia Liashova


The modern virtual reality industry holds a lot of potential since its investment activity has been increasing as well as the new breakthrough projects and technologies have been emerging. However, this field is still not so widespread. The article is devoted to the analysis of the VAMR-industry current state, to the research of the topical issues that do not allow the industry to become a part of the user’s daily life, and to the search of their possible solutions. The definitions of ‘VR’, ‘AR’, ‘MR’ and the statistical data of the investment activity and the industry growth rate in 2016-2018 are given. The article considers the VAMR-industry problems from the perspective of a user in accordance with the price, usability, security and quality criteria. Here are described features of augmented reality technologies and their formats, basic principles and methods of its use. The specificity of the concept of augmented reality in the context of retail and industrial trade and its use in consumer and industrial marketing in the relevant markets. The tools and elements of augmented reality that influence the activity of enterprises, their positions and support in optimization of their digital strategy of the company are identified.

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