Information technology for the implementation of case-law management of end-to-end business processes

Serhii Chalyi, Ihor Levykin


The problem of managing many end-to-end business processes is related to the distribution of common enterprise resources between them. This leads to delays in their implementation due to insufficient resources. The result of such delays can be a failure to complete the processes as a whole, which can lead to significant material financial losses. The management process consists in pausing or starting the execution of new processes based on formalized experience presented in the form of precedents. The main problem of the operational management of such processes is the timeliness of the development of their mathematical models. It is proposed to use models of analogue precedents with their subsequent adjustment to the parameters of the models of controlled end-to-end business processes. This process is implemented using Process Mining technology. To complete the stages of Process Mining, a generalized information technology has been developed for the case-based management of end-to-end business processes. Its implementation is connected with the simplification of case models of end-to-end business processes, the assessment of the lead-time of an end-to-end business process according to its current state, the adaptation of models of a set of ongoing processes, the integration of end-to-end business process models for a new order, and the management of ongoing and incoming new orders. This ensures their fulfillment within the deadlines established by the contracts.

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