Concept of Artifact-Event Description of Information System

Viktor Levykin, Maksym Yevlanov, Olga Neumyvakina, Oleksandr Petrichenko


The idea of artifact-event description of a web-based IS during its operation is formulated. Definitions of the concepts of “artifact” and “event” are proposed. Based on these definitions, the concept of an artifact-event description of IS during its operation was developed as a set of basic provisions on the basis of which models of web-based IS will be developed. The developed concept was the basis for a formalized description of web-based IS models set. The main dimensions, on the basis of which the formalization of the descriptions of the web-based IS and its elements, are allocated. A formalized description of the web-based IS models set and its elements is proposed, the main subsets of models forming this set are considered.

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