Algebraic Approach to the Description of Temporal Knowledge in Decision Support Tasks

Viktor Levykin, Oksana Chala


The problem of automated construction of a temporal knowledge base for supporting decision-making in solving partially structured and unstructured organizational management problems is considered. The solution to this problem is associated with the formalization of temporal relations, reflecting the implemented sequence of control actions. The formal description should take into account not only the relationship in time between control actions, but also the static dependencies between the structural elements of the organizational management object, represented by the organizational structure of the object. An algebraic approach to the description of temporal knowledge is proposed. According to this approach, common temporal rule is defined. The rule determine the relationship in time between facts. Each logical fact is knowledge about the state of the control object at a certain point in time. The rule establishes temporal dependencies for time-consistent facts, as well as for facts, which are true at certain intervals. The proposed algebraic approach makes it possible to combine temporal relations that reflect the control process with dependencies, taking into account the structure of the control object.

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