Principles of explanation in e-commerce system based on sales dynamics

Volodymyr Leshchynskyi, Irina Leshchynska


The problem of forming explanations to the recommendations of items in the electronic commerce system is considered. The principles of constructing explanations that take into account changes in demand for goods and services are proposed. The first principle involves the use of a quantitative indicator as an explanation for a recommended subject. The second principle is associated with an iterative refinement of this quantitative indicator when recording new information about the choice of users in the database of the e-commerce system. The third principle postulates the use of implicit feedback from the user to construct explanations. As this feedback, information on sales of items is used, since this information is confirmed by the payment of users. The developed principles make it possible to formulate an online-explanation for the recommendations received, taking into account current data on sales of goods or services.

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Modelyuvannya poyasnen shodo rekomendovanogo pereliku ob’yektiv z urahuvannyam temporalnogo aspektu viboru koristuvacha / S. F. Chalyj, V. O. Leshinskij, I. O. Leshinska // Sistemi upravlinnya, navigaciyi ta zv'yazku. - 2019. - Vip. 6. - S. 97-101. - Rezhim dostupu:


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