Adaptive Visual Mobile Robot Control


  • Artem Bronnikov Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine



adaptive visual control, mobile robot, flexible system, manufacturing, models, methods


The work is devoted to modern Industry 4.0 approaches, such as mobile robot visual control on manufacturing plant. The main idea is a solution of the actual problem a flexible integrated robotic system control using an adaptive visual control system. The research methods are based on the usage of the research results analysis of modern theoretical and applied developments of native and foreign scientists in the field of adaptive visual control models and methods. Information and software support for the control system for a mobile transport robot has been developed, practically realizes the analysis of the working space using a computer / technical vision system and provides the selection of the main objects of the workspace, the identification of work and individual objects of space, obtaining their spatial coordinates, which improves the quality and speed of functioning flexible integrated robotic system.


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