The Usage of The Technology of Constructing “AS-IS” Models of Initial Maturity Levels of Process Management


  • Ievgen Bogatov Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine
  • Serhii Chalyi Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine



AS-IS, TO-BE, workflow, maturity, process mining, log, event


Research of enterprise maturity levels has shown that enterprises above the second maturity level have well-structured and documented processes. At the same time, systems of maturity level below the second don’t operate processes at all. Instead, such systems have workflows as an analogy of processes. Building of “as-is” model with Process Mining technology is complicated for such kind of systems due to the inconsistency of log structures of the management systems to requirements defined by the mining technology. To resolve the constraints the technology of construction of graph models of business processes of zero and first maturity levels of process management on the basis of the analysis of event logs is offered. The technology involves structuring the event log, building graph models of workflows of the system, forming business process logs by combining routes, and building graph models of workflows "as is" by means of intellectual analysis of processes.


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