Analysis and Selection Performance Indicators Multiservice Communication Networks Based on the Concept NGN and FN


  • Ibrahimov Bayram Ganimat Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan
  • Hashimov Elshan Qiyas Military Academy of Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan



multiservice communication network, SDN, multi-media service, IMS, channel resource, innovative technologies, average delay time, NFV, network and physical resource, throughput


The performance indicators of multiservice commu-nication networks, built in accordance with the con-cept NGN (Next Generation Network) and FN (Fu-ture Network) based on promising telecommunica-tion and information technologies, have been ana-lyzed. The issues of efficiency transmission useful and service traffic by a multifunctional hardware-software complex in the links multiservice commu-nication networks are considered and their struc-tural and functional diagram is proposed. The prob-lems choosing the necessary performance indica-tors hardware and software systems and terminal facilities are considered, taking into account the probabilistic-temporal and speed characteristics multiservice communication networks based on the concept NGN and FN. Analytical expressions are obtained that make it possible to assess the complex performance indicators network link in the provi-sion multimedia services and when establishing a connection.


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